About Irina’s Style

Irina's Style Clinic is certified by and a professional partner of the Yon-Ka Paris skin-care & beauty center. Irina's experienced team takes pride in being on edge of progressive technology, products and techniques that offer ever-improving results. You deserve the best results and we pledge to offer them to you.

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What we do.

All skin is different. We know that. So why waste money on a generic procedure or skin care line that doesn't change from person to person. At Irina's Style we know that each individual needs something different and we give you just that. Your skin and its imperfections will be evaluated to give you exactly what you need based on – You! Here we do not cover up your flaws or try to hide them. Instead we work with your natural skin to give you what You want out of it. Our philosophy is this: We want you to be as comfortable as if you relaxing in your own home. That means, we have 1 therapist, 1 client, 1 appointment. No running from one room to another, no answering phones while we are with you, and no leaving you to do other things whilst you are with us. Its just you and your therapist, relaxing and enjoying your time.

Who we are?

Why would you get a treatment done by someone who wouldn't do it themselves. Irina, founder of Irina's Style, has looked around for a long time for a solution for her skin and she has found it. Fancy facial creams get expensive and who knows if they actually work. Here at Irina's Style whoever does your procedure has had one done and can personally say, it works. We are not a corporate company, it is a family business trying to share the knowledge the of skin care acquired.